Terms and Conditions


To complete registration Delegate Fees must be paid in full. We will inform you of receipt of payment. By applying to ScotMUN, the delegate/delegation agrees to the following terms and conditions. 


  1. In the following; the term “delegate” refers to any participant, whether part of a delegation or not. The term “delegation”, however, refers to group of 2 or more delegates who have registered under a delegation and/or University name.a)“Underage” refers to persons aged 16 to 18 and not in university education.

  2. Even if any of the terms specified below should become ineffective, all remaining terms of this agreement remain legally binding.

On delegate fees

  1. Delegate Fees includes attendance at the conference. The Social Pack covers the Committee Dinner on Friday night, and the club night on the Saturday night.

  2. ScotMUN operates on a ‘First paid, first served’ basis’. Places are not guaranteed until fees are paid in full. Fees are not considered 'paid' until a Receipt of Payment has been issued.

  3. Delegation applications may be rejected at the discretion of the ScotMUN secretariat.

  4. Full payment of all Early Bird Delegate Fees must be made before December 1st 2019. After this date a new invoice for non-Early Bird Delegate Fees will be issued.

  5. All Delegate, Accommodation and Social Pack fees are due no later than 1st February 1st 2019. A late fee of £3 per Delegate Pack will be charged hereafter.

  6. In the event that the delegation wishes to pay through PayPal, they should contact our USG Finance for details. A 10% surcharge will be added to the invoice value to cover PayPal transaction fees.

  7. Delegate and social fees are non-refundable except and exclusively in exceptional circumstances of bereavement, illness or visa denial. In these cases a refund will only be given with proof of circumstances. Any refunds made will be paid via the original payment method.

  8. No refunds of any fees will be given in the in the event of circumstances beyond ScotMUN’s control, such as but not limited to, extreme weather events or transport cancellations.

  9. ScotMUN will not pay any banking charges related to payment of fees, the processing of refunds, or any travel costs incurred by participants in the conference.

  10. After payment of the Delegate Fees, country and committee allocations will be allocated to the Delegate/Delegation. Preferences will be taken into account as far as reasonably possible.

On participant behavior and expulsion from the conference

  1. Participants are expected and obliged to obey the laws of the United Kingdom while participating in the events of ScotMUN. All participants are personally responsible for all loss which they cause to, and in and about, conference venues and facilities..

  2. All participants are expected to treat all parties involved in ScotMUN, including but not limited to, fellow delegates, the ScotMUN Secretariat, ScotMUN chairs and venue staff  with respect, courtesy, and diplomacy.

  3. Failure to abide by clauses 2.1 and 2.2 may result in expulsion from ScotMUN  and rejection from participation in future editions of ScotMUN.

On responsibility and liability

  1. To the extent permitted by law, ScotMUN excludes all liability under or in connection with this Agreement (whether such liability arises in delict/tort, contract, or in any other manner, and whether or not caused by negligence or misrepresentation), including liability for breach of duties expressly imposed or implied by statute, at common law, or otherwise. Further, and without prejudice to the generality of this, and any other provisions in this agreement relating to ScotMUN’s liability:

    1. ScotMUN does not endorse, and accepts no responsibility for participants who, engage in activities which are unlawful, whether in criminal law, civil law, or otherwise, during their travel to and from the conference, and their stay in Edinburgh;

      1. Participants in ScotMUN shall be liable in full for any additional costs which they incur due to participation in unlawful activities, or any activities which ScotMUN in its absolute discretion deems unbecoming of participants in the conference, or the compromise of any disputes in relation to such unlawful or unbecoming activities;

      2. To participate in ScotMUN, delegates must be at least 16 years of age on the first day of the conference;

      3. To participate in ScotMUN, underage delegates must, at least five working days prior to the first day of the conference:

        1. Provide the ScotMUN secretariat with a photocopy of a photographic form of identification, such as a passport, and

        2. Obtain from the ScotMUN secretariat a copy of the “Underage Participant Waiver Form”, agree to it personally by signing it, have it signed by a parent or guardian, and provide the double-signed copy of the Form to the ScotMUN secretariat.

On privacy and image rights

  1. ScotMUN reserves the right to use all images and footage of the participants taken during the days of the conference both for communication purposes and to promote further editions of the conference.

  2. The ScotMUN Secretariat reserves the right to use all data submitted by individuals and delegations, specifically the contact informations provided, to be used for the promotion of future editions of the conference.

  3. Any data kept by ScotMUN will be deleted at the delegate’s request.

  4. All data will be handled in line with EdMUN’s Privacy Policy

On intellectual property

  1. The ScotMUN Secretariat claims copyright on all data and information available on the website www.scotmun.com and all official ScotMUN Social Media, including, but not limited to: the ScotMUN Logo, all rules of procedure, all Topic Guides, and all the photos and footage.

  2. Any individual wishing to use ScotMUN materials must make an official request to the ScotMUN Secretariat

On visas and immigration

  1. All participants are responsible for their own visa applications. ScotMUN will not make applications on behalf of any participant under any circumstances.

  2. ScotMUN is not responsible by decisions made by the UK Home Office regarding visas and entry into the UK.

  3. Visa Invitation Letters will only be issued once full payment has been made and Receipt of Payment has been issued.

  4. All those delegations requiring a visa invitation letter must purchase an Accommodation pack from ScotMUN and comply with all other Home Office rules and regulations when traveling to, from and staying in the United Kingdom

  5. Decisions made by the UK Home Office are final and ScotMUN does not have the ability to appeal them.